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Chad Williams is a cradle Catholic who was not practicing his faith until a series of events around the year 2000 acted as a catalyst to explore the faith like he never had before – and he hasn’t stopped since. Chad and Kim, his bride of over 20 years, live in Kingwood, Texas where they homeschool their 6 children – all boys.  They are parishioners of St. Martha Catholic Church.

Jeff Dodge is a Catholic convert. He and his wife joined the Church in 2005, just days before their second child was born. He wasn’t challenged in his Faith until moving to Houston in 2006. Jeff credits the ACTS retreat he took in 2009 as his real conversion experience.  Jeff and his wife Eryn live in Kingwood with their 5 kids. Their 2 oldest are homeschooled, the “middles” attend St Martha Catholic School and their little stays home. 

Catholic Dads Podcast – Fix You

We live in a disposable society where it is sometimes easier to replace a broken item rather than repair it.  The “cheaper” it is, the easier it is to replace.  Where do we draw the line on when to replace something vs. repairing it?  How does that translate into things of faith and family such as Marriage and children?

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Catholic Dads Podcast – Seven Habits of Highly Effective Catholics Part 1

Part one of a series where Jeff and Chad take Stephen Covey’s classic book and discuss how it applies to the Faith life.

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