In the second episode of the Champions Podcast, our hosts Mike Rubin and Coach Phil are joined by Washington Redskins punter and University of Oklahoma graduate Tress Way who shares his faith journey. We also get the first segment of “Eli Wants to Know” and “Coaches Corner”. 


Some interesting nuggets from our interview with Tress

  • He shares how he navigated temptation in high school
  • “God’s Word is a giant love letter”
  • He shares the athletic accomplishment that he is most proud of.
  • “People often compare their realities with other peoples highlights 
  • He talks about the importance of getting on your knees and crying out to God
  • He talks about the role FCA played in keeping him out of trouble
  • “If they claim their identity is in Christ, then everything should follow suit with that.”
  • The Bri and Tress Engagement video- Click this link
  • What’s Your Bid game – Currently sold out of Amazon. Keep your eye out for version 2.0 coming soon.


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