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On each episode of “Setting the Record Straight” you will hear another fascinating yet neglected story from two thousand years of magnificent achievements of the Catholic Church. Historical Apologist Charles Coughlin presents these intriguing stories based upon respected and authoritative historical sources. Misinformation and disinformation about the earthly work of the Catholic Church is corrected. “Setting the Record Straight” will quench the thirst of Catholics who want to hear true stories explaining their glorious heritage.

Setting the Record Straight – Bringing Back Dads – Part 1

What happened to our Dads? Where did they go? How did Dads lose their honored status in the Christian family described in the Bible? Are Dads at fault or were they chased away from their children? We might find part of the answer when we consider the natural families of other advanced mammal species. New scientific studies have indicated that the Father is the most important foundation of a family. Are we a matriarchy or have Dads been replaced by a Super-Dad; a Patriarchal government using the power of welfare, public schools, media, and free health-care?

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Setting the Record Straight – Louis IX – King and Saint of 13th Century France

Astonishing Louis IX was one of God’s great gifts to the entire world as a model of wisdom, virtue, and temperament. He was the real life embodiment of the legendary wise king described in many religions. He commanded the largest army ruled the largest and wealthiest kingdom, and led the European centre of arts and intellectual thought. In wartime he displayed genius as an innovator in the art of military logistics and wise strategy. He courageously fought at the front of every battle. In peacetime his compassionate character led him to introduce a humane legal system and to spend time listening face to face to the common people, defending them against nobles when necessary. Beggars were fed from his table, he ate their leavings, washed their feet, ministered to the wants of the lepers, and daily personally fed over one hundred poor.

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Setting the Record Straight – Romantic Love and Kindliness In The 13th Century

“Merrie Old England” is an accurate description of the good times of the 13th Century. People had refined manners and open hearts. Troubadours sang of idealized love. Chivalry ennobled men and protected women. Secular life was clustered securely around the Catholic Church’s monasteries, universities, and hospitals. Intellectuals abounded. Communities were small so a lot of laws and administration were not needed. The secular guilds were democratic organizations that cared for their member’s earthly needs from the cradle to the grave. There was very little poverty. There were old age and disability pensions, and even insurance of all types.

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Setting the Record Straight – Age of Illumination – Universities

Universities are a natural invention of the Catholic Church. They are one of the many beneficial gifts Catholic Culture showered on the world in the 13th Century – The Age Of Illumination. The universities had a larger number of students that they do today. They were administered by democratically elected student fraternal organizations, not by the professors. There was an academic freedom so liberated that it puts to shame our modern politically correct university communities. As a result the 13th Century University provided a safe home for an unmatched concentration of great scientists, philosophers, theologists, medical doctors, legal experts, artists, writers, and musicians. Though it was 250 years before printing, anyone could borrow the numerous hand-copied books from university lending libraries, even the gloriously illuminated ones. It was a time of intelligence, sacredness, trust, happiness, and sublime earthly works.

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Setting the Record Straight – The Age Of Illumination vs The Darkening

Light ! The brilliance of God’s grace that illumines our lives reached its peak in the 13th Century. Some call it ”The Greatest Century”, but it should be called “The Age of Illumination”. The most apt symbol of the 13th century is the ingenious Basilica of Saint-Denis which was created by Abbot Suger to open the inner space to streams of sunlight. Following the 13th Century was the hyper-rational era called “The Enlightenment”. It should be called “The Darkening”. “The Darkening” shut out God’s guiding light and has led civilizations, following mankind’s perverse inclinations, down into one murderous revolution after another. In contrast listen to the magnificent and delightful effects “The Age Of Illumination”.

Short stories by Catholic Authors that present a positive image of the Catholic Church

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