In this week’s episode, we recall the last week in the markets and dedicate this episode to a Countdown! Specifically, we count down the ten commandments of Investing. They’re great for investing, trading, and being a good steward of the money in our accounts but also echo the Divine Law for our own lives. How we order ourselves and our lives transfers into every aspect of our lives, including how we manage our finances. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here: and check out Chuck’s daily market commentary on YouTube for an insight into how Chuck analyzes the markets: *NEW* Video Series on “Faith and Finance” based on the papal encyclical “Rerum Novarum”! How can we be faithful to the Gospel message when it comes to our finances? In these “byte”-sized videos, you’ll discover how all people are called to handle both capital and labor, whether you are a boss, an employee, rich, poor, prosperous, or not. Watch here: Visit us online at and call 832-953-4998 to discuss your investment plan with Chuck, a uniquely Catholic Christian financial advisor. #RerumNovarum Don’t forget to check out our other show on Breadbox Media- Salt and Light!