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About The Road to Emmaus
From the St. Paul Center, Scott Hahn presents the deeply biblical roots of Catholic teaching and practice. Join him to learn how Sacred Scripture forms and informs our notions of morality and spirituality, liturgy and the sacraments, and so much more.

Dr. Scott Hahn is a renowned speaker, professor, and author, as well as the Founder and President of the St. Paul Center, an apostolate dedicated to teaching Catholics to read Scripture from the heart of the Church. Dr. Hahn has been married to Kimberly for forty years, and together they have six children and eighteen grandchildren. Two of their sons are currently in priestly formation with the Diocese of Steubenville. Dr. Hahn’s works include best-selling titles Rome Sweet Home, The Lamb’s Supper, and Hail Holy Queen.

How to Handle Our Own Pharisees

We know the story of the Pharisees waiting to trip Jesus up when he heals on the Sabbath. But have you ever noticed that there’s something strange about the question Jesus asks them? On this episode, learn how Jesus’ example helps us navigate the Pharisees in today’s world with wisdom and humility.

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The Future of Our Church and Society with Special Guest Brandon McGinley

We’ve been taught by the world to think of religion as a personal choice. All religions are equal. They have no claim on our public life. In this episode, Scott Hahn and his co-author Brandon McGinley debunk this view to show that religion is much more than opinion. In fact, they argue that the very future of our Church and civilization depend on reclaiming the true meaning of religion.  

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The Saint We Need for the New Year

2020 was difficult. But God provides us with the grace we need to follow His will. And for 2021, He’s given us one of the strongest intercessors we could ask for: St. Joseph. As we enter into the Year of St. Joseph, Scott Hahn urges us to look to the Patron of the Universal Church as our spiritual father.  

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Christmas with St. Joseph

Christ and His Mother hold a special place in the Nativity story—but St. Joseph also plays an important yet often underrated role. On this special Christmas episode of The Road to Emmaus, Scott Hahn shares his personal devotion to St. Joseph and what the father of Jesus teaches us about Christmas. 

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St. Joseph: The Spiritual Father for Our Times with Special Guest Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC

Why St. Joseph? How can we grow closer to our spiritual father? Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC, author of Consecration to St. Joseph: The Wonders of Our Spiritual Father, explains that St. Joseph is God’s gift to our world in the midst of the current crisis of family and fatherhood. In this episode, learn how we can turn to St. Joseph as a father and role model, especially during the Year of St. Joseph.  

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