On this week’s show, we ponder the concept of “memento mori” and its connection to the Stations of the Cross with author Emily DeArdo, whose new book Living Memento Mori was recently published by Ave Maria Press.

About Emily DeArdo:

Emily DeArdo is a Catholic writer, speaker, and Lay Dominican who shows that an imperfect life can be filled with joy and fulfillment. Her book, Living Memento Mori: My Journey Through the Stations of the Cross, was published in January by Ave Maria Press. Emily writes about joy, carrying your cross, and the Catholic life on her blog, emilymdeardo.com.

About Living Memento Mori:

In Living Memento Mori, Emily DeArdo shares the insight she has gained from living her life on the precipice of death: a willingness to embrace the Cross of Christ can transform the pain and loss we all inevitably experience into a source of spiritual growth. DeArdo shows you how even a life of considerable suffering can be full of joy, hope, and peace. DeArdo’s life and reflections on mortality give a fresh voice to the traditional themes found in the Stations of the Cross. She offers you the courage to face your own suffering and concerns about death and to follow Jesus wherever he leads.

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