Episode #20: Part 1 of “Going Deeper into Mass” – THE BEGINNING

How personal is your relationship with Jesus during Mass? The entire Catholic Mass is an encounter with the True Presence of Christ, and it should change us: We should be healed by it. We should feel loved and become more fully loving as a result of it. Our hearts should become more peaceful. Our tendencies to sin should be transformed into greater strength to resist sin. A true encounter with Christ makes a difference. This is what Mass is designed to do.

Mass begins with a gathering song and procession. This is as important as any other part of the Mass and should never be missed. Here’s why! Jesus begins to reveal himself. Here’s how!

You might also be interested in our video series on this topic, entitled “Take, Eat, and Drink“. This is a set of 17 short segments (three to five minutes) that is used by catechists but is also good for personal use. Each video ends with a question for personal reflection or group discussion. See it @ http://gnm-media.org/take-eat-drink/

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