Allison Sullivan rejoins the show to co-host this episode! We discuss the good, bad & ugly of our week’s, including ANOTHER terrible travel experience for Taylor.
In the second segment, Taylor releases an interview from last month with former Swiss Guard, Andreas Widmer. He is in the running for most interesting man in the world. He was a Swiss Guard for JPII, once had Christmas Eve Dinner with the Pope, made a fortune in the dot com era, was essential in the creation of the voice recognition tech we now now as Siri or Alexa. He’s fascinating! He currently teaches Entrepreneurship and the Catholic University of America where he shares the essential business principles he has learned throughout the years, how it affects our faith & much more!
In the final segment, Allison & Taylor pick up where we left off last week in answering questions from YOU, the listener. We spend most of our time discussing the qualities we look for in friends.
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