Happy Easters!!!! We hope you enjoyed your Easter day and are continuing to enjoy the celebration of this great season!
This week, Allison Sullivan cohosts as we discuss how our Lent’s went, Easter joy and Taylor being the balance in the Force.
Our guest this week is Fr. Joseph-Anthony Kress, a Dominican priest who is the chaplain at the University of Virginia. We talk about how he and Taylor met(including a dino suit, a car wreck and a bar). We also talk about what young adults need most to grow in holiness and feel a part of the Church.
The show wraps up with a conversation on Allison’s upcoming live recording of her podcast on the topic of race. We start the discussion on this touchy topic and why we should have these often difficult conversations.
BONUS: The commercials on this episode are all brand new and are honestly Taylor’s pride and joy 🙂
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