Taylor and Fr. Anthony Sciarappa both had recent experiences with the Church not keeping up with the times. And we don’t mean we want the Church’s Traditions to change, we mean we should be able to scan and email something instead of having to deliver a hand copy in person. That kind of thing.

Taylor also shares about his recent experience of returning to Confession and Mass for the first time since the pandemic began and how it wasn’t quite what he expected and then game that was created to make Fr. Anthony uncomfortable! Freestyle Preaching is our new game where each host gives the other three random words that they then have to include in a 60 second sermon on the spot. Hilarious! But maybe you can also be inspired? Who knows.

We also rant about people scolding each other in Church, how we’ve somehow made “like” mean more than “love” as we have gotten older in a really odd way, the Saint who was canonized twice & weddings we went to where we didn’t know anyone.

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