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Fr. Dan Volkert is the Pastor of St. Bruno and St. Paul Catholic Churches in Dousman and Genesee Depot, WI. He is a gifted homilist and offers a refreshing take on the Gospel each week!

The primary mission of No Spin Homilies is to teach people about Sacred Scripture and help them to not only grow in wisdom and love of it but, also, to apply it in their daily lives.  St. Jerome once said, “Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ.” We hope and pray that you will grow in the knowledge of Christ and the teachings of His church. In doing so, we will draw upon the great resources of Roman Catholic art, philosophy, theology, and the lives of the saints in order to grow in our understanding of Jesus Christ and to live out the life He calls us all to live.

No Spin Homilies – 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

It appears the readings speak to us about the end times. Instead, they help us see what is fading away and what is permanent in our life.
To read this week’s readings, go to: usccb.org
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