Tim Lucchesi is a Beloved son of God, a husband to an amazing woman and the father of two children (aka the starter pack). After six years in parish and regional youth ministry, Tim felt called to become a stay at home dad and to create Chaste Love (a ministry that he runs with his beautiful bride) through which we work to promote the dignity of every person. Tim LOVES cheesecake, comfy pants, St. John Paul II, superhero movies, and learning about Saints.

Sara Estabrooks is a Catholic wife, author, podcast host, sometimes artist, and mom of 4. She loves to explore the call to holiness and how to live it out in our daily, ordinary lives. Sara writes about her spiritual journey on her blog To Jesus, Sincerely. One of Sara’s favorite things to chat about is the virtues and how to practice them. She’s an extrovert and loves people, so be sure to stop by her blog and say hi!

Welcome to Home But Not Alone, with Tim and Sara, where we talk about real life as a stay-at-home Catholic parent. If it’s noon and you’re still in your pajamas, have reheated your coffee three times, and tried to pray but got distracted, this is the place for you! Life is crazy, but through it all, remember: you’re never alone. You’ve got God’s grace and our friendship coming your way.

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