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Jason Stellman is a Southern California native and transplant to Seattle who wishes he still lived in Europe.

He is a gifted and provocative writer, thinker, and speaker who has grown accustomed to the disruption and fallout that result from questioning established plotlines and challenging inherited paradigms (especially his own).

Jason’s most recent book, Misfit Faith (Convergence/Random House, March 2017), explores spirituality as displayed by those whose lives are a mess, who don’t have their acts together, and who have every reason to quit believing but (for some reason) can’t.

On his popular weekly podcast, Drunk Ex-Pastors, Jason and his agnostic co-host sit down over drinks and discuss everything from religion to art and politics to pop culture, bringing their own unique camaraderie to issues both weighty and shallow.

Jason is a former pastor in Calvary Chapel (1992 – 2000) and the Presbyterian Church in America (2004 – 2012), and a former missionary to Uganda (1991 – 1992) and Hungary (1994 – 2000). He received his Masters of Divinity from Westminster Seminary California in 2004. In 2012, Jason stepped down from the ministry to embark on a career as a writer, speaker, mentor, and really bad Catholic (concerning that last one, he comforts himself by daily remembering Chesterton’s maxim that “Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly”).

Jason values things like rising early, eating whole foods, and “loving thy neighbor,” even though he rarely does any of them.

17. Thoughts on the Good Book: Disarming Scripture (with Derek Flood)


In this episode of Misfit Faith I share a few suggestions for how to read the Bible without expecting it to play by the rules of a game it has no stake in (as in, it’s not a history book as we understand that term). I chat with author Derek Flood about his book, Disarming Scripture, and then take a call about why I don’t play my Catholic Card more often. I end the show with a challenge to Hollywood to do a better job mocking us.

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16. Thoughts on the Good Book: Can We Really Trust that Table of Contents? (with Mark Shea)


Episode #16 of Misfit Faith tackles the issue of the New Testament canon — what good are concepts like biblical inspiration and inerrancy when we can’t even be sure which books to apply them to? I am joined by Mark Shea, who walks us through this thorny issue. I take a call about whether we should be open to including newly-unearthed texts in our existing Bibles (should they be discovered), and end the episode by insisting that I’m not a racist or misogynist, I swear.

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15. Thoughts on the Good Book: The Numerous “Dick Moves” of Israel’s God (with Jared Byas)


In this episode we continue our series on the Bible, exploring issues such as whether God is in the business of mauling little children with bears or murdering innocent people because his prophet lost a bet. We are joined by Jared Byas, who shares his insight into how to tackle some of these Old Testament accounts that depict God as an unhinged maniac. With the help of a caller I rediscover my true pastoral calling, and end the episode with a rant about that thing of when showers just get way too fancy.

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14. Thoughts on the Good Book: How to Tame Your Deity (with Brad Jersak)


Episode #14 of Misfit Faith begins a short series on the Bible in which we will tackle questions like, “How do we know that Scripture’s Table of Contents is accurate?”; “Why doesn’t the New Testament condemn slavery?”; and in this episode, “Why does the God of the Hebrews seem so pissed off most of the time?” I speak with writer and scholar Brad Jersak about this issue, and then answer a listener’s question about Fake News. Lastly, I end the episode by politely declining your request for my tip.

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13. A Down-to-Earth God (with Matt Polley)


Episode #13 of the Misfit Faith podcast addresses the dangers of the evangelical obsession with high-octane spirituality and in its place suggests pursuing a form of life that is a bit more mundane and earthy. I chat with Matt Polley (1/3 of the Inglorious Pasterds) about the divinity of tobacco and Scotch, after which I answer a listener’s question about Process Theology. Lastly, our “Jason Needs a Minute” segment coins the terms “shell shards” and “nut dust.”

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