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Jason Stellman is a Southern California native and transplant to Seattle who wishes he still lived in Europe.

He is a gifted and provocative writer, thinker, and speaker who has grown accustomed to the disruption and fallout that result from questioning established plotlines and challenging inherited paradigms (especially his own).

Jason’s most recent book, Misfit Faith (Convergence/Random House, March 2017), explores spirituality as displayed by those whose lives are a mess, who don’t have their acts together, and who have every reason to quit believing but (for some reason) can’t.

On his popular weekly podcast, Drunk Ex-Pastors, Jason and his agnostic co-host sit down over drinks and discuss everything from religion to art and politics to pop culture, bringing their own unique camaraderie to issues both weighty and shallow.

Jason is a former pastor in Calvary Chapel (1992 – 2000) and the Presbyterian Church in America (2004 – 2012), and a former missionary to Uganda (1991 – 1992) and Hungary (1994 – 2000). He received his Masters of Divinity from Westminster Seminary California in 2004. In 2012, Jason stepped down from the ministry to embark on a career as a writer, speaker, mentor, and really bad Catholic (concerning that last one, he comforts himself by daily remembering Chesterton’s maxim that “Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly”).

Jason values things like rising early, eating whole foods, and “loving thy neighbor,” even though he rarely does any of them.

12. Sex & Guns in Trumpland (with Donna Provencher)


In episode #12 of Misfit Faith we turn our attention to the “new sexual revolution” and the hookup culture it generates. I chat with actor and writer Donna Provencher about her perspective on masculinity, femininity, and whether random relationship-less sex is really satisfying for those who engage in it. I answer a listener’s call about how sexual Jesus actually was, and then end the episode with my “Jason Needs a Minute” segment in which I address the recent school shooting in Florida. 

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11. Letting the Tale Wag the Dogma (with Bryan Stupar)


Episode #11 begins with a continuation my reflection on what spirituality would look like if built from the ground up, this time applying the thought-experiment to Catholicism in particular. I chat with pastor and free-thinker Bryan Stupar about which theological ideas have helped him dignify, rather than vilify, the other, and then take question about social justice in Scripture. Lastly, my “Jason Needs a Minute” segment addresses how hard some Christians make it not to drop dead of a massive stroke.

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10. Anarchist Faith (with Christian Kingery)


In episode #10 of the Misfit Faith podcast I suggest a thought experiment according to which we build our theology from the ground up rather than it being imposed from the top down. I chat with my Drunk Ex-Pastors co-host, Christian Kingery, and then take a call from a listener about the hypocrisy of the so-called Pro-Life movement. Finally, in my “Jason Needs a Minute” segment I call for a uniform definition of what “bite-sized” actually means, because this is getting ridiculous.

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9. The Evil of an Omni-Controlling God (with Ryan Meeks)


In episode #9 of Misfit Faith I address the topic of a supposedly all-powerful God and the existence of suffering and evil in the world. I chat with the infamous pastor of Eastlake Church, Ryan Meeks, about this issue (and what he has to say may surprise you). I answer a listener’s call about Pope Francis’s recent remarks about the victims of sexual abuse, and our “Jason Needs a Minute” segment laments how damn old I am getting. 

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8. When Christianity Craps the Bed (with John Terranova)


In episode #8 of Misfit Faith I tackle the issue of what happens when American Christianity screws the pooch, craps the bed, jumps the shark, or whatever other colorful metaphor you want for losing its credibility and moral authority. I chat with long-time friend John Terranova about his own loss of faith, and then answer a question about so-called divine guidance. Lastly, our “Jason Needs a Minute” segment highlights the plight of the modern day cigar smoker.  

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