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Keith Little is an auto-didactic learner with a type of eidetic memory, which God has used overtime to reveal to him that Jesus as the Unified Field Theory. Keith uses this in the following capacities:

Predictive Analysis, Due Diligence, Intelligence, Investigation, Strategy, Reverse Engineering, Research, Risk Analysis.

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#principleoftheday: The mind is the battlefield. False beliefs & fear of facing God tears down ___.

#principleoftheday: The mind is the battlefield, and false beliefs & fear of facing God (the truth) holds back & tears down _________.

🍿 ________ attempts to hide God, alter God, become God, & as a result create a fear of facing exceptional amounts of shame in others as they sin without knowing, and then must face it eventually.

🤯 This tears ________ down, & all who follow them, as few desire want to confront the ”false temple” they are facing & contributed in the acts.

🙈🙉🙊 It’s far easier to conform & allow sin to happen under the ”guise” of loving someone (justify fear), than it is to love _________ enough to tell the truth, even if it hurts.

😍 _______ must love truth to grow, & to see where they can improve in both their successes and failures. We can’t seek to improve by assuming we “know”.

🤓 This
#mindset creates growth in all, rather than submission to “what we believe we know now” (
#thoughtoftheday), which stunts growth.

💡 True
#innovation is in recreating the wheel, or even imagining a world where the wheel is obsolete. 😉

😇 To get there, we must release control in avoiding faults, & accept the truth in love, allowing ourselves to see the truth in all things.

🧠 The mind is the first piece of land we steward.

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#principleoftheday: Emotional Intelligence – EQ vs. Intuition

#principleoftheday: #EmotionalIntelligence vs. #intuition.

Am I the accuser taking on God’s role, or am I looking at the situation circumspectly?

Am I focused on what I want over caring for people or focused on caring for people and as a result receiving what I want?

Am I focused on this earth and what I gain here, or the next?

Am I projecting what I want to see to justify my poor actions (demanding grace for me) while expecting to impose harsh punishment upon those committing similar acts (demanding perfection towards me)?

Those needing power will often demand others to agree with them and will gain those that do.

Someone with friends who are willing to stand up to them, rather than conform to their viewpoint to justify their wrongdoings as good, has real friends.

The latter creates and befriends only sycophants.

Those who prefer sweet lies will not be thankful for harsh truths, and only regard people as kind or friendly, unless they aren’t willing to confront them and allow them to commit harm to anyone they rationalize as suitable.

Those who regard their harsh truths as accurate without ever doubting their accuracy are blind to how they hurt themselves and others.

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#principleoftheday: Why is the Bible not 12 pages? My journey Part 1: Opportunities to give & receive.

#principleoftheday:  Why is the Bible not 12 pages? My journey Part 1: Opportunities to give and receive. Thank you Matthew Chicoine of for pushing me to start doing these.
🐣 People and situations are not so simple in reconciling prior to knowing which dynamic we find ourselves.
👼 However, the solution is most often the simple after we realize the complexity of the problem rarely matters in applying the most effective solution in holding fast to God, Loving, and applying faith and grace…even as it may hurt as it did Christ.
😏 “A thorough understanding of the BIBLE is better than a college education” ~ A. Maude Royden
🤯 “We cannot break GOD’s laws — but we can break ourselves against them” ~John Ruskin

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#principleoftheday: In every communication there are errors

🤔 Are people changing facts based on how they feel? How can you be professionally trapped by other people’s fear, as you do what is right?

😇 Love looks to the consistency of care, ignoring small errors, while confronting errors that are known and continue without consideration for all in the long term, not short.

⚰️ Judgement is meant to be righteous, and as such, you must be forgiving, and also be willing to confront someone demanding forgiveness from you as a means of permission to harm, avoid confronting the sin, or avoid confessing it as happening by saying you aren’t truly forgiving unless you “allow the sin” to take place without ever confronting it.

📫 Be willing to separate if necessary, as care in confrontation will not come clear without separation.

🙏🏻 Overtime, as you show grace and respectfulness from afar, people have a greater likelihood in recognizing their own faults causing the issue, and asking others to eat the fault, rather than simply allowing grace to be given to them in admitting faults that cause harm to all.

🧬 Nothing good will come of participating parties who cannot maintain mutually respectful boundaries. They must be willing to apply rules of conduct to others & themselves.

⚖️ God leads, & we follow.

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#principleoftheday: How powerful is the hope within you? Romans 5

Why stay out of trouble? Trouble is expensive.

All we have is our choices.

What is the most basic and powerful choice you make?

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