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Kendra Von Esh is a Catholic Speaker, Radio Host and Author from Chicago, Illinois.

Kendra was confirmed Catholic but didn’t practice because she didn’t understand or believe in the Faith. As she worked her way to the C-Suite in Corporate America, she over-indulged in all the pleasures of the world and money was her God for decades. She was too busy for God, she didn’t think she needed Him and certainly wasn’t looking for Him.

Through prayer for a loved one, God inched His way back into Kendra’s life and transformed everything!

Five years after returning to Catholicism, Kendra left her Corporate executive career to share the beautiful sacramental graces of the Catholic Church and the amazing transformation that can only come from a relationship with God through prayer.

When she isn’t speaking with God (or inspiring others to do the same) or filming video blogs, recording podcasts or online courses, Kendra enjoys spending time with her husband Jeff, and grilling keto-friendly meals with their two boys.

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Kendra wants to walk with you on the journey and share ways to deepen your prayer life with God!

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I bought into what this world said would make me happy – money, prestige, power – and if it feels good do it because life is stressful so party hard! But, that didn’t quite work out because I felt even more insecure, full of fear, shame, anxiety, and never, ever good enough. Then, God found me and flipped my reality upside-down and transformed my life. And I want this for everyone! So, I left my executive career to help others find true acceptance, supernatural peace, joy, and love that only comes from a relationship with God. Join me for daily my 10-minute Reality Reflections! Let’s put on the Light of Jesus each morning…

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Bellybutton Gazing

Are you focusing on yourself today? Maybe having a pity party or being lazy? 😲 Yep, that was me, totally inward, bellybutton gazing until the Spirit stirred up in me, listen to what I am talking about, it might be that inspiration you need!👍 And join my FB community at

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It’s All About Love

Love is where it is at ❤ do you struggle to pray with love, live with trust and love others? 🤔😟 Then this is the podcast for you! 
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