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Your host Lisa Huetteman.

Who am I?

I am a cradle-Catholic who is on this journey just like you. I’m a wife of an awesome husband, mother of two adult daughters, and daughter of an aging mother who lives with us. I am also a business person with 23 years of corporate business development experience and 15 years’ executive and business coaching experience. I am the author of the book The Value of Core Values: Five Keys to Success through Values-Centered Leadership. Although I love my day job as a business coach, I’m most fulfilled when I am praying, reading, worshiping and adoring our Lord.

Who am I not?

I am not a theologian, Biblical scholar, or trained catechist, but I’m learning. The more I read and study our Catholic faith, the lives of the saints, and our traditions, the more I find the connections to what makes businesses successful. There are wonderful lessons and I am passionate about sharing the teachings of the great theologians, Biblical scholars and Church leaders as they apply to your work life, so that you may benefit from the blessings of our faith.

Join me and together let’s go forth, glorifying the Lord by our lives.

BY YOUR LIFE is a podcast that will inspire, empower, support, challenge, and encourage you to connect Sunday with Monday through Friday in a secular, business world. It is our desire to help you live your Catholic faith in the marketplace and to discover that it is good for business. We believe that most best practices in business can be linked to Holy Scripture and our Catholic traditions. BY YOUR LIFE hopes to offer you practical ways to go forth and glorify God by your life.

Latest Episodes

129 Forgiveness: Good for Body, Mind and Soul

Welcome to the one hundred and twenty-ninth episode of By Your Life. I’m Lisa Huetteman and I know that you have a hundred different things you could be doing right now, so I thank you for choosing By Your Life.

My goal is to inspire, empower, support, challenge, and encourage you to connect Sunday, with Monday-Friday, in a secular business world. It’s my desire to help you live our Catholic faith in the marketplace. I hope to offer you practical ways to go forth and glorify the Lord by your life.

Holding onto Anger

In this edition, we’ll reflect on the readings for the Twenty-fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time. Every Sunday, my husband, mother and I take lunch to my in-laws’ house and we spend a few hours with them talking and sharing a meal. This week, my father-in-law told a story about going to visit his mother. He hadn’t seen her in many months and had driven over 10 hours with two kids in the car and the first words out of her mouth when he walked in the door were, “Albert, can you go to the store and get me some bread?” You could hear the irritation in his voice as he described that event that happened over 50 years ago. I jokingly said to him, “Grandpa, do you think it is time you let that go?” He jokingly responded, “No, I want to hold onto it!”

All kidding aside, the first reading from the Book of Sirach and the Gospel should be a warning to all of us who hold onto resentments. Sirach said, “Wrath and anger are hateful things, yet the sinner hugs them tight.” (Sir 27:30) Then, in the Gospel, Jesus told the Parable of the Unforgiving Servant. If you are human, and you are reading this now, you must admit that there have been times you’ve held onto anger way too long, despite the negative effects it had on you. But, if we are honest, what should concern us even more is that wicked, unforgiving servant who Jesus describes in the parable is us, the ones who have been forgiven, yet refuse to forgive. Why do we do this? Why do we cling to hateful things, refuse to forgive others, and allow ourselves to be consumed by an

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128 A Good Critic

 In this edition, we’ll reflect on the readings for the Twenty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time. (Cycle A) Each of us is a critic. Hundreds of times a day we mentally critique others, how they look, what they wear, how they drive, how they wear their mask, or not, how they complete a task, what they eat, say or do. Most of the time these thoughts are merely a matter of preference, (“I don’t know how you can listen to that music.”), or opinion, (“I don’t think that is a good color on you.”), or judgment, (“I think turning left here is faster than going straight.”), or values, (“I wouldn’t have done it that way because you left the most important thing unfinished.”) In most of these cases, our criticism is best left unsaid. However, we sometimes face situations where we must judge the moral implications of another person’s actions. What is the right thing to do in these situations? Our readings this Sunday give us guidance.

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127 Listen to the Voice Within

We all have a little voice of God within. It is called our conscience. The question is, do we listen to God or to everyone else? In this week’s episode of By Your Life, we talk about the consequences of choosing who we listen to.

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126 Character, Reputation, and God-given Authority

 If you are like me, you’re sick of all the media coverage of this election and can’t wait for it to be over. You may wonder, “Is this the best the United States can do when nominating presidential candidates? Is God really involved in this process?” To answer these questions, in this episode of By Your Life, we talk about character, reputation, and God-given authority.

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