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Your host Lisa Huetteman.

Who am I?

I am a cradle-Catholic who is on this journey just like you. I’m a wife of an awesome husband, mother of two adult daughters, and daughter of an aging mother who lives with us. I am also a business person with 23 years of corporate business development experience and 15 years’ executive and business coaching experience. I am the author of the book The Value of Core Values: Five Keys to Success through Values-Centered Leadership. Although I love my day job as a business coach, I’m most fulfilled when I am praying, reading, worshiping and adoring our Lord.

Who am I not?

I am not a theologian, Biblical scholar, or trained catechist, but I’m learning. The more I read and study our Catholic faith, the lives of the saints, and our traditions, the more I find the connections to what makes businesses successful. There are wonderful lessons and I am passionate about sharing the teachings of the great theologians, Biblical scholars and Church leaders as they apply to your work life, so that you may benefit from the blessings of our faith.

Join me and together let’s go forth, glorifying the Lord by our lives.

BY YOUR LIFE is a podcast that will inspire, empower, support, challenge, and encourage you to connect Sunday with Monday through Friday in a secular, business world. It is our desire to help you live your Catholic faith in the marketplace and to discover that it is good for business. We believe that most best practices in business can be linked to Holy Scripture and our Catholic traditions. BY YOUR LIFE hopes to offer you practical ways to go forth and glorify God by your life.

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