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Beneath the Surface is a unique radio talk show that explores the big questions of life that many people are “too busy” or fearful to approach. It is a gathering of truthseekers whose natural curiosity and wonder are still in tact. Explore with us Beneath the Surface — where faith and reason meet.

Beneath the Surface – Loving Your Enemies

 One NT passage that distinguishes Christians from Jews and from the world is Jesus’ command to love one’s enemies.  Is it possible?  With God’s grace it is not only possible, but is the only hope of bringing peace to a fallen world.

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Beneath the Surface – Smoke of Satan

 As the serpent entered the old garden, the smoke of Satan has entered the new.  Paul and his guest Bob Leblanc discuss what the latest Church scandal with Cardinal McCarrick may mean for the bigger picture.

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Simply Holy 034: Exterior vs Interior Freedom: What’s the Difference?

It seems like all we do is talk about freedom these days. Freedom from…freedom for… But did you know that it’s possible to be free on the outside yet bound on the inside? That’s right. Unless you’re interiorly free, exterior freedom doesn’t matter much at all. St. Paul wrote to the Romans, “ I do not understand my own actions. For I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing I hate.” We all do that from time to time. Why? In this episode Marge looks at Mother Teresa and Amy Coney Barrett as examples of interiorly free individuals who move freely and decisively in the world. Tune in and learn how to become interiorly free and stop doing the things that you hate.

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