From your host, Kendra Von Esh

I thought I was living the dream—executive career, houses, boats, great family, friends and indulging in every comfort I could find! But I constantly compared myself with others and kept trying to ‘find something more’ in alcohol, drugs, food and other destructive behavior – making me feel even worse.

I was filled with stress, worry, self-doubt, fear, emptiness and I thought this was how life was supposed to be … Until GOD found ME … because I sure wasn’t looking for Him.

The joy, peace and love I have through His grace has transformed my entire life and I cannot keep it to myself!

EVERYONE needs God in their life … He will help you change and lead you to the sweet life you were meant to live!

I thought I was living a happy, fulfilling life but in REALITY, I bought into the “me culture” and materialism. I never found peace, happiness or true love and acceptance.

Then God found me and everything I believed was the purpose and meaning of my life turned upside down!

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