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Regina Pontes is a simple, everyday woman sharing vast life experiences and having engaging chats with guests about theirs! We will share our life lessons learned regarding life, love, faith, goals and will that hopefully resonates with you, our listeners, to help achieve your best selves. Great takeaways will abound!

Welcome to the Will Within Podcast. This is your home for shared stories of Hope, Perseverance, Will, and Inspiration! Join us as we share everyday people’s stories that bring to life the underlying beat of our lives! Consider us your virtual friends. Let’s get inspired!

Latest Episodes

The Will Within Podcast with guest Dr. Kevin Vost

Dr. Kevin Vost is a prolific author of approximately 20 books. Many of his books focus on St. Thomas Aquinas. They detail various aspects of St. Thomas Aquinas philosophy.
Dr. Vost’s Doctorate degree is in psychology and gerontology. We begin by addressing his Revert story to the Catholic faith in 2006.  After which, Dr. Vost became fully immersed in Thomism philosophy. Prior to his retirement in 2016, he was an adjunct at various colleges teaching Thomistic Studies etc. He is also an extremely sought after guest on various shows on EWTN and Relevant Radio, along with numerous other TV, radio and podcast shows. He announces a new additional career venture 2020 news. Welcome Dr. Kevin Vost!

Visit: for all books and contact information.

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The Will Within Podcast Premiere Show with guest Anna Nuzzo

Today is a special day for me.  On this premiere episode of The Will Within podcast, I welcome Anna Nuzzo. This beautiful souls own story has moved me greatly.  Simple events can indeed be life altering and that’s Anna’s story. Anna is is an international Catholic recording artist among other things. She shares her journey from proud mom, business owner, and liturgical musician to her story of today, traveling around the world as an international Catholic recording artist, TV host, and speaker all within several short years.

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