The call to Sainthood is universal. Each of us is called to be the great Saint God intended us to be, but we fall short time and time again. On this episode, I am joined by Deacon Edward Kleinguetl, who explains a timeless message, and formula even, for living a radically Christian way and attaining the most fruitful relationship with God Almighty, and through Him and His grace becoming great Saints. Join Annie and Deacon Ed as they draw from the Desert Fathers and Mothers and inspire YOU to make this Lent different from any other, more radical than any other, more transformative than any other! Make this Lent radical for Christ!

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**Chuck and Annie will not be producing any content until after Easter. They will be spending Lent in penance- fasting, prayer, etc. They will be going into their own “desert” of sorts and will eliminate screen time to make more time for prayer and silence. We encourage all of you to draw inspiration from the words of Deacon Ed on this episode and do something radical for Christ also this Lent. See you on the other side!

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