Christian Watkins
I am a teen on fire with the Catholic faith and have a thorough knowledge of Catholicism, having studied in Catholic school and on his own the Catechism of the Catholic Church, theology, the lives of the saints, and the sacraments. I desire to fill the absence of the presence of Catholic teens online who love and promote the Catholic faith. I spent the first two years of high school falling into traps that the world presents to teens of today and have a compelling personal story of conversion that many people my age can relate to. I can be humorous and joyful, as well as serious, instructive, and inspiring. I am determined to make his show a positive success and influence in the world.

Emma Duarte
I am a Catholic speaker. I give public speeches about topics like depression and anxiety, bullying and self-acceptance, sexuality as taught by the Catholic Church, religious strength for our generation, and how to build a connection to God. I speak in churches, schools, and wherever doors may open. I am a core team member of the junior high kids at my parish. I share my walk with Christ and try to edify others and share with them tools to help them along their path. I try to make a difference, one by one.

We wish to share our insights, research and experience of what it means to be Catholic in our generation in order to reach out to as many teens as possible. We wish to encourage and challenge them to be the best Christians they can be, while navigating a society that is largely against the Church. Our show will be positive and witty as we journey with listeners toward a glorious future with Christ.

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