Friendliness, Flattery, and Fatherhood

About our drink:

Glenfarclas 12 Scotch Whisky is adored for its sherry bomb, spicy notes, sweet and dried fruit flavor notes.

This Scotch is carefully distilled at Glenfarclas distillery, Speyside.

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Our topic:

Friendliness, flattery, and fatherhood.

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“It behooves man to be maintained in a becoming order towards other men as regards their mutual relations with one another, in point of both deeds and words, so that they behave toward one another in a becoming manner.”

In regards to friendliness: the virtuous man will sometimes not shrink from bringing sorrow to those among whom he lives… For this reason we should not show a cheerful face to those who are given to sin, in order that we may please them, lest we seem to consent to their sin, and in a way encourage them to sin further.

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