Men in the Church: Importance of men’s groups and men being active in the parish life.

We are looking for a few men who are taking their faith seriously.


About our drink: Rock Oyster Blended Malt

Rock Oyster Blended Malt Whisky

Joining Douglas Laing’s range of blended malts in early 2015, Rock Oyster is a magnificent maritime marvel made with single malts distilled on Scottish islands including Orkney, Jura, Arran and Islay. As ever from Douglas Laing, this tasty, coastal dram is very handsomely presented from top to bottom (looks like Sam will have to add an oyster to his imagination of The Douglas Laing Force).

In reference to Rock Oyster, Douglas Laing’s Managing Director Fred Laing said “If I could select just one dram to transport the whisky enthusiast to the Islands of Scotland, it would be this one.” So go on and take a coastal trip by way of wonderful blended malt Scotch whisky.

Nose: Wind-swept beaches, coastal peat and a hint of ash, complimented by touches of green fruit.

Palate: Yet more sea breeze, with oat cake crumbs, growing spicy notes of cracked black pepper and a deft whiff of peat smoke. Hints of vanilla here and there.

Finish: Salinity lasts on the finish along with peppery warmth.

About the gear: The Catholic Man Show Brochure

The Catholic Man Show Brochure on how to start a men’s group.

About our topic: Men in the Church

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