Fr. Bryan Ketterer joins us to talk about the sub-virtue of longanimity.

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About the gear:

What do you get a priest for a special occasion? Do you get them a crucifix? A rosary? Do you spend a lot or get something modest? We ask Fr. Bryan Ketterer to give us some tips when shopping for a priest.

About our topic:


Extraordinary patience under provocation or trial. Also called long-suffering. It is one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit. It includes forbearance, which adds to long-suffering the implication of restraint in expressing one’s feelings or in demanding punishment or one’s due. Longanimity suggests toleration, moved by love and the desire for peace, of something painful that deserves to be rejected or opposed. (Etym. Latin longus, long + animus, soul, spirit, mind: longanimitas, long suffering, patience, forbearance.)

Drinking: Sam Adams Utopias

Gear: What to get a priest?

Discussing the virtue of longanimity

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