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Theology Encore Boise Podcast is filmed live at our Theology Encore events here in the Diocese of Boise. The event brings together adults from all over the Boise area to explore our faith in a fun and relaxed environment. We are faithful to the teachings of the Church, but invite all adults to join us for fellowship and conversation as we seek to understand Catholic teaching. Our theme is “Living out our Catholic faith in a secular culture”.

Theology Encore Boise – Fr Mariusz – Poland’s Historic Struggle with Communism

Fr. Mariusz Majewski from St. John’s Cathedral shares his vocation story, gives a historic overview of the Catholic Church in Poland and its struggle with Communism.

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Theology Encore Boise – 3 R’s of Resiliency

Our speaker today Dwight Edwards has worked for over 30 years in the high-tech industry and a member of Toastmasters for 10 where he has achieved the Distinguished Toastmasters distinction. He has many times, during his Catholic life, swerved off his path, however the process you will pick up today not only helped him become resilient and get back on track, but it also helped him to earn a top 20 finish out of 10,000 speakers at “The World Championship of Public Speaking.” This is the same process that will help you to become resilient and stay strong in your faith. Presenting his Keynote entitled: “How to navigate doubt and attain stronger faith through Resiliency.”

This podcast is recorded live and attendants were able to share some of their struggles and fears about living the faith and also how they stay strong in it.

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Theology Encore Boise – Episode 1- FOCUS

The FOCUS missionaries who are serving the students at Boise State University came to talk to us about their ministry. They shared the mission and goals that they have, stories of evangelization in the field, as well as their own conversion /mission calling
stories. If you would like to support the FOCUS mission in Boise here are the direct links.

Boise State Team:;jsessionid=00000000.app317b?5181.donation=form1&df_id=5181&mfc_pref=T&NONCE_TOKEN=EB366B0B9BA06980D9D62525B3ACD353

Kelly Cliffords:

Christopher Appel:

Riley Hicklin:

Katherine Plucinsky:

Nicollette Bitz:

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