On this week’s show, we look at the interesting way in which author Tim Drake brought a childhood memory to life in the beautiful new book The Attic Saint.

About Tim Drake:

Tim Drake serves as executive director of Pacem in Terris Hermitage Retreat Center in Minnesota. An award-winning author and former journalist, he is the author of seven books, including his most recent, a children’s illustrated book, “The Attic Saint.” He has appeared on numerous radio and television programs. He resides in St. Joseph, Minnesota with his wife and children.

About The Attic Saint:

In “The Attic Saint,” Leo and his family have just moved to a strange home in a new city. The house has stained glass windows, steaming radiators, and a cavernous basement. But it also has an attic. In the attic, where the veil between heaven and earth becomes very thin, Leo will form a friendship that transcends both time and space. In “The Attic Saint,” a heartening tale for children of all ages, the wisdom and beauty of the Catholic faith shine brilliantly. Author Tim Drake’s inspired story is brought to life through Theodore Schluenderfritz’s vivid illustrations.

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