Bill is the Founder of Patchwork Heart Ministry, a non-profit [501(c)3] Catholic Youth, and Young Adult ministry. He inspires, engages and challenges young people to live their faith boldly by example and through storytelling and media initiatives.

Bill hosts Young Catholics Respond, a weekly podcast and radio show that is part of the Breadbox Media, Light of Life, Living Bread and Evangelism Radio networks. He sews hope into broken hearts by recounting his journey of faith. His story has been featured on an episode of Shalom World TV’s Triumph  and several radio programs and podcasts. He is a self-published author of three works, Soular Quest: An Autobiography (2012) a short imaginative story that details his triumph over childhood struggles; Contemplative Stations of the Cross (first edition 2016 & second edition 2018) a devotional booklet featuring the fourteen traditional Stations of the Cross, and A Contemplative Las Posadas (2019), an Advent-themed devotional reflecting upon the journey of St. Joseph and the Blessed Mother to Bethlehem.

Bill is an Eagle Scout and holds a BA in both Theology/Religious Studies and Television/Radio Production from the University of Scranton, PA. He is a member of the NSC Council for National Service Committee of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal and serves as a Discerner for the Charismatic Renewal in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.

Ray Haywood is a devoted husband to his wife, Natalie. They have been married for the past thirty years. Together they intentionally raised two faith-filled sons, Nicholas and Frank within the foundation of faith, the sacraments. Ray shares in more than 26 years of willful fatherhood and parenting experience. Now living in North Carolina, Ray and Natalie operate a small family owned car dealership. They are faithful parishioners of Saint Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church, in Charlotte, North Carolina. Through active parish involvement, Ray’s family’s faith continues to grow in the New Covenant teachings of the Catholic Church. He is devoted to handing on the faith filled gifts to all men of good faith wherever they may be in their faith journey. He finds this to be his call to action in his own faith journey.

Based on the book with the same title, Tools To Ready The Journey, A Fathers Guide to a Faith-Filled Family, Patchwork Heart host Bill Snyder and author Ray Haywood will focus on handing on the tools, shared as awarenesses, through a series of conversations aimed to strengthen and give structure to young men as they move towards becoming intentional leaders of their families in the realization that, before we can lead, we must first follow.

This series of chapter podcasts, will reveal the author’s intent, and will serve as a supplemental guide to the book to help the reader/listener incorporate the practical wisdom of the tools revealed with intent in their daily lives. Step closer with us and join our community of like minded faith-filled men as we ultimately transform the world around us in our intentional reflection.

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